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Dunedin Public Library Index Cards

Progress Charts
Current Drawer Progress
  • Accepted: 68 (8.48%)
  • Flagged: 5 (0.62%)
  • Review: 19 (2.37%)
  • Skipped: 1 (0.12%)
  • Unprocessed: 709 (88.40%)

Project Progress
  • Accepted: 140,794 (73.35%)
  • Flagged: 2,882 (1.50%)
  • Review: 2,996 (1.56%)
  • Skipped: 209 (0.11%)
  • Unprocessed: 45,074 (23.48%)


What's involved?

The Heritage Collections at Dunedin Public Libraries has a large historical card index covering the period from 1851 to 1993. Volunteers and library staff have for many years been indexing biographical material, obituaries and local and regional topics of interest from our local newspapers and other sources. This card index has, until now, only been accessible by visiting the Heritage Collections in person.

Since 1993, we have been indexing online with records available via our online catalogue. Search the online index.

The challenge now is to transform the card index into a resource that can be searched online and be accessible from anywhere.

How can you help?

The cards are all handwritten and we need people to transcribe the information so it is searchable. Most cards will only take a minute (or maybe a few if it has many entries).

If you would like to lend us a hand with this project please sign up and start with our transcription training session.

Track the progress

Each card will be typed twice before it is approved. Watch the progress in the graphs on the right.


Take the transcription training.

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