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Dunedin Public Libraries Recollect

Southern Heritage Trust Member Visits: Quarantine IslandWaitati MilitiaPort Chalmers LibraryDunedin Railway StationRestore Passenger Rail Protest Bronze cone, Cedars of Lebanon GroveMarch for Palestine 2014Peter and Tinker Bell share the beautyChinese New Year 28 January 2017Keep Neurosurgery in DunedinOtago Harbour, DunedinThe Kingston Flyer arrives at the Fairlight Railway StationSand Mandala created for the Dunedin Community by the Buddhist monks of the Dunedin Dhargyey CentreOctagon Protest in Support of Ukraine


In 2015 The Dunedin Lebanese Community generously donated a gift to the Dunedin Public Libraries to establish a Digitisation Centre at the City Library and develop this archive ‘Scattered Seeds – He Purapura Marara’. Our aim in bringing you this site is to collect the memories, mementos and stories of the people – individuals, whānau/hapu, ethnic groups and cultures – fruits of the seeds scattered on the four winds from all over the world, that have landed here, taken root and come to call Dunedin home. This archive will develop and grow in perpetuity.







Dunedin Midwinter Swing Festival 2018 Toitū Otago Settlers MuseumStudio portrait of a woman and two children.Dunedin Midwinter Swing Festival 2018 Harbour Hop Two Lebanese Women in DunedinMidwinter Swing Festival Ball 2016PSA4Dunedin Midwinter Swing Festival 2018 Harbour Hop Life... not available on TV. A message on a wall in Dunedin.Rhododendron Close-upOriginal Gypsy Fair 2016 Nook and Cranny Music Festival 2018 PSA - 64Waitati Music Festival by Paul S Allen: Human SusanDunedin Midwinter Swing Festival 2018 Toitū Otago Settlers MuseumNew Zealand and South Seas International ExhibitionsDWTT Bark 27 04 2019 PSA - 4Katie George's Last Visit to the old Farmhouse in the Catlins.Dunedin Hopewalk 2018 Waitati Music Festival by Paul S Allen: AyamvoidSt Andrew's Day, Dunedin, NZWaipori No. 4 Power Station Original Gypsy Fair 2016 Waitati Music Festival by Paul S Allen: One Day SaneNook and Cranny Music Festival 2019 PSA - 106Waitati Music Festival by Paul S Allen: KoizillaSouth D Busking Festival 2018 - PSA - 49South Dunedin Street Festival 2013Bird Island, Smaills BeachTheomin familyPhlyctenactis tuberculosaDunedin Santa Parade 2022Seth McPhee awarded  the Les Jordon Memorial TrophyFirst Church From AboveKelvin CummingsCargill's MonumentJingle Bell Ball - 24 11 2018 - PSA - 32Church and StateFlying the St Kilda SkyDunedin Midwinter Carnival 2014HorizonDunedin to Brighton Veteran Car RallyOtago Vintage Machinery ClubBank of New Zealand BuildingOut from the shadowsWaitati Music Festival by Paul S Allen: AyamvoidWaitati MilitiaBrothers Tony & Kelly Isaac (2)The Dunedin Scottish Fiddle OrchestraSouth Dunedin Street Festival 2014Waitati Music Festival by Paul S Allen: FOTANook and Cranny Music Festival OrganisersDunedin protest against the GCSB + TICS bills