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Abbreviation Help

Index cards – known date abbreviations

January Jan; Jny; Ja
February Feb; F; Fe
March Mar; Mr
April Apr; Ap; Apl
May My
June Je; Jne, Jun
July Jy; Jul, Jl, Jly
August Aug; Ag
September Sept; S; Sep
October Oct; O
November Nov; N
December Dec; D

 Other helpful hints:

  • “corresp” indicates a letter to the editor – sometimes “letter” or “letter”
  • Red dots on cards can be ignored
  • Cards with no source – input data that is there on card, but send to review (something odd)


List of sources and how they may appear on cards


Title Usual Format on Cards Other Possible Format
Otago Daily Times Otago Daily Times ODT
Evening Star Evening Star ES
Otago Witness Witness Otago Witness
Dunedin Star Midweek Midweek Star Midweek, DSM
Dunedin Star Weekender Weekender Star Weekender, DSW, Weekend, Dunedin Weekender
Daily Telegraph Daily Telegraph D Tel
Star (Christchurch) Dunedin edition STAR  
Otago Provincial Council Gazette Otago Gazette  
City of Dunedin, Jubilee of Civic Government 1865-1915 City of Dunedin, Jubilee of Civic Government 1865-1915 Jubilee of Civic Govt.
Eccles, Alfred. Donald Reid: Pioneer, statesman, merchant. Eccles Reid, D. Reid
Hocken, Thomas Morland. Contributions to the early history of New Zealand. Chronology 1840-1897. Hocken, Otago Hocken - Otago
McIndoe, James. A Sketch of Otago McIndoe – Otago MacIndoe - Otago
Wilson, John. Reminiscences of the early settlement of Dunedin and South Otago Wilson - Reminiscences  
Diary of Dr Burns Diary of Dr Burns  
Otago Guardian Otago Guardian  
Otago Colonist Otago Colonist  
Evening Star 7 o’clock edition E.S. 7 o’clock edition  
Dunedin Leader Dunedin Leader  
New Zealand Statutes New Zealand Statutes [year:number:pg number]  
The Globe “The Globe”  
DCC Departmental Reports, 1928-29 1928-29 reports 1928-29 repts
Dunedin City Calling Dunedin City Calling  
Obituaries 1936-46 Obituaries 1936-46