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Scattered Seeds – Terms of Use



The Community Archives content on this website was produced by third parties. The Library provides a platform for this content, but does not own or necessarily endorse it.

This site links to the websites of other agencies and organisations. The Library is not responsible for the content of those sites.

The Library accepts no liability or responsibility for the manner in which the information on this website is interpreted or used, or the results of such use.



Dunedin Public Libraries takes your privacy and your rights under the Privacy Act 1993 seriously. Any personal information gathered as you use our site and services will only be used for those purposes and will never be disclosed without permission or sold.

If you send us personal information (for example, your email address when asking a question), we will only use this personal information for the purpose for which it was provided. We will keep any personal information you provide to us secure and will not disclose it to any other parties without your prior consent.

You agree to keep your user ID and password secure. Do not disclose your password to anyone else. If you think someone else knows your User ID and password, you must immediately change your password, or cancel your online account, or contact us.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about personal information we hold.



Unless otherwise stated, none of the content of this website may be reproduced, copied, used, communicated to the public, or transmitted without the express written permission of Dunedin Public Libraries , except for the purpose of private study, research, criticism, review, or education, as provided for in New Zealand's Copyright Act of 1994.

When you donate or deposit material (texts, photographs, video clips, sound clips) into this heritage site you will be required to sign a form stating that it is yours to give and outlining any special conditions.

You, or the current copyright holder will keep your copyright and members of the public will only be able to share and reuse your work with your permission. For older works where the original rights holder is deceased, anyone who wishes to share or reuse the work must attempt to contact the rights holder’s descendants

Rather than require members of the public to attempt to contact each rights holder or their descendants individually Creative Commons (CC) licensing is increasingly used to provide clarity to the public over how a work can be shared and reused.

Creative Commons (CC) licensing has been adopted by governments, schools, artists, universities and news organisations across the world including the New Zealand Government, the National Library, Te Papa and Lincoln University. Dunedin Public Libraries supports the use of Creative Commons licensing to provide clarity to the public over how a work can be shared and reused.

Only the copyright holder can decide to use a CC License. If you use a CC licence you will be giving permission, in advance, to everyone. There are six CC licenses providing a range of options between full ‘all rights reserved’ copyright and the ‘public domain.

On this Scattered Seeds site the default license is:

  • Attribution – others must credit you in the manner specified by you
  • Non-Commercial – others must not use this work for commercial purpose
  • No Derivatives – others may not alter, transform or build upon this work


For certain materials a more restrictive licence may operate but will be reflected alongside the content.


Images of Taonga Maori (Maori Cultural treasures)

Images of taonga (treasures) are of significant cultural importance to iwi (tribes). Dunedin Public Libraries requests that these images and associated information be used only for research, study, personal, and educational purposes.


Images of Collection Items

Where rights permit, Dunedin Public Libraries has made available for download high resolution images of collection items. Some images are openly available and have no restrictions on reuse. Others are licensed with Creative Commons Attribution – Non commercial – No Derivatives licence.


Request Permission

For written permission to reproduce information on this website for the purpose other than personal use, please contact the author in the first instance. Contact Dunedin Public Libraries if there is no clear author and you would like to use the content for purposes other than ‘fair dealing’ as stated in the Copyright Act.


Give Credit

When information from the Dunedin Public Libraries’ ‘Scattered Seeds’ website is used in any context, it must be sourced to the website, and the date of publication on the website must be stated.

For example, using Chicago citation, the credit for using information found on the ‘Scattered Seeds’ home page is ‘Scattered Seeds Home Page. Dunedin Public Libraries Scattered Seeds. 2015. Accessed December 18, 2015.


Help us to Locate Copyright Owners

Every effort has been made to locate the copyright owners of material used on this website. In cases where this has not been possible, copyright owners are invited to contact Dunedin Public Libraries.


Images of you

This website includes images of Dunedin Public Libraries’ public events taken by Dunedin Public Libraries’ photographers. If you appear in any such image, you did not give permission for your image to be used, and you object to that image appearing online, please contact us.


Dunedin Public Libraries’ Logo

Dunedin Public Libraries’ logo is protected by trademark registration and copyright. The Dunedin Public Libraries’ logo must not be placed on an external website, or otherwise used by any external party, without express approval of Dunedin Public Libraries.


Contact Us

Contact us via the ‘Contact us’ buttons or links on the home page of the Scattered Seeds site.